It was a dark and stormy night when I lost my hard drive on my infant (about a year old) iBook G4. Well, it really wasn’t dark and stormy, but in that moment of discovery, it sure felt dark and stormy. Oh, and I didn’t lose my hard drive in one lightening bolt of, Read More

I posted the following on my Game Spot blog in 2007 but thought it “fun” enough to migrate. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE playing games on my XBox 360, but every once in awhile, life gets in the way. I THINK about playing all the time, but have trouble actually fitting it in., Read More

Elitism DING Presumption DONG Entitlement THE WITCH Successful Leadership IS DEAD. Obviously, there are particular attitudes that prevail in many who seek leadership roles. (For the sake of this discussion, a leader is defined as a person who has commanding authority or influence over a person, group, community or nation.) Some of these foster, Read More

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