“Haiku! Haiku!” our guide yelled. The Quechua term for “let’s go/get going” became threaded into the fabric of my days and my dreams during the passage across the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I never would have imagined the extent of the challenge of the 3.2 day, 30-mile hike based on Active Adventures – South America‘s website, Read More

It has been four weeks since I returned home from my travels to Peru. I’m not sure why it has taken me this long to blog and post pictures about an experience that has altered what I’ve come to claim as my subterranean landscape. I guess part of the answer for the delay lies, Read More

I’m not sure what stirred the desire to photograph crosses in my neighborhood, but one day, when I was looking at things differently, I heard the “calling” and they seemed to be everywhere I turned. I’m fascinated by the symbol: it’s awe inspiring, especially against a naturally polarized blue sky marked with heavenly clouds., Read More

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