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JetPac Refuelled My Interest - BY C.S. WHITE

JetPac Refuelled My Interest

I posted the following on my Game Spot blog in 2007 but thought it “fun” enough to migrate.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE playing games on my XBox 360, but every once in awhile, life gets in the way. I THINK about playing all the time, but have trouble actually fitting it in. As a result, chunks of time pass when the controller becomes a space taker on the coffee table. Well, last night I finally sat down and played (as always, I’m quickly reminded how much fun it is). After playing a FIFA 2007 soccer match (that went into added time and, finally, came down to penalty kicks) with my friend on XBox Live, I checked out the Arcade games. JetPac Refuelled was featured. It looked fun, so I downloaded the trial game. [SIDE NOTE: Admittedly, graphics do have a lot to do with getting my attention for these arcade games. I tend to lose interest in some of the games that keep their dated looks to keep true to their arcade roots — PacMan is fine but I had trouble getting into PaperBoy and as a result didn’t get past the trial game.]

Well, it was joyous. Call me whatever (simple, easily amused, goofball), but I got a huge kick out of what little I explored. It is very fun to look at and addictive to play. Plus, it’s easy to play. And who wouldn’t get a blast out of building rockets, grabbing fuel pods and various point-gaining items, and shooting alien creatures with a space gun all while jetpacking around (could be excellent training for the transportation of the future). I did well in the trial game and got to the second level…but it’s there they take the gas out of your pack and make you either buy or fly. They further tempt you with an achievement that unlocks if you buy. Smart strategy. My guess is that they make it easier in the trial game to get to the second level because once I started playing the actual game, getting past Level 1 wasn’t so easy. Yes, it’s somewhat repetitive the longer you stay in the level, but the fresh, clean, rich graphics, and fun music and game sounds dull the repetition. Leveling up and adding a second player to the mix might help, too.

Tonight I’m going stop the game time-stealing bandits and sit down and beat the Level 1, no matter how long it takes.

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