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Writing Content Services

 Welcome! Need a project-based writer, editor or editorial consultant to help manage your company’s content needs with experience and professionalism, attention to customer service and a passion for doing the best job possible? If we haven’t met, my name is Connie Sue White. After spending a majority of my career working full time for, Read More

Fellow travelers, if you’re flying a European airline during any part of your travels this summer (or any time of year, for that matter) and end up with flight delays, play close attention: Airline passenger rights matter over the pond. While an airline won’t likely volunteer this information to the disappointed crowd of travelers it has just told its flight, Read More

Manarola sunrise from hotel balcony

As I turned to the last page of Beautiful Ruins, I found myself wishing desperately that I could go back in time to start it over. And it’s no wonder. It’s a substantive read that is at once fun and light, romantic and poignant, thanks in all parts to author Jess Walter’s artful story, Read More

Certified Fight Instructor Clay Hammond captures my final landing in a SWT Aviation CubCrafters Sport Cub before signing off on my tailwheel endorsement as part of my stint as Flying Magazine‘s managing editor. Training took place at and around Grassroots Airpark in Groveland, Florida. What a blast!

This was a day of contrasts. It began with my scheduled  flight training in the Piper P28 and ended with a surprise lesson in a PiperSport LSA. Weather looked okay at the time of briefing but had changed somewhat after we got through the preflight. A wind change meant a different runway and the, Read More

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