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The Archives - BY C.S. WHITE

The Archives

Whenever I hear or see the word “archives, centuries-old dimly lit (by candelabras and the like) libraries or studies caked with layers of dust come into view. It’s so interesting the word continues to exist in today’s virtual age to describe “a place where historical records are stored”. I have been at this blog on and off for about six or seven years, and obviously not frequently, so “old” and certainly “centuries-old” don’t apply here. As a place to store these posts, well, I guess that still applies. But maybe as you read through the posts, you will see some sort of historical measurement of maturity gained over the short time span. At least that’s my view! So here they are, my “archives”.  My plan is to be adding more records to be historically accounted with more frequency and vigor than has been evidenced the since the blog’s inception! Enjoy.

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