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Book Reviews By C.S. White

The Lady and the Panda would likely have never made my Reading List but for a friend, who read it on her way to China, strongly recommended it to me. And who can resist pandas? While it’s not a nail-biting page turner and I’m typically not a fan of nonfiction, I did enjoy reading it, Read More

As I watch today’s “banking crisis” unfold, it occurs to me that political correctness is a major culprit at the root of this colossal mess. Put simply: there came a time when OFHEO, the regulatory agency overseeing the government sponsored enterprises of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, alerted our elected representatives that a financial, Read More

Elitism DING Presumption DONG Entitlement THE WITCH Successful Leadership IS DEAD. Obviously, there are particular attitudes that prevail in many who seek leadership roles. (For the sake of this discussion, a leader is defined as a person who has commanding authority or influence over a person, group, community or nation.) Some of these foster, Read More

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