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The Ultimate Assignment - BY C.S. WHITE

The Ultimate Assignment

Given current events (and past, for that matter), maybe it’s not so plain and simple. In the grand scheme of this infinite universe, I am but a human being. A small fry. Insignificant. And, let’s not forget, mortal. I am, however, along with my fellow man, equipped with a unique and powerful quality: the ability to think rationally. It follows that because of this difference, I am hugely different from other life forms and not that different from my same-made peers. So why do so many of us continue to behave as if we can’t control ourselves, often never claiming responsibility or that it is out of our hands and lies in someone else’s, worldly or otherwise? Surely, toxic emotions, weakness and, yes, even evil can hijack rational thought from our normal selves. But that’s precisely why we are humans, isn’t it, to take it to the next level, to be able to wrestle and defeat these adverse obstacles? I happen to think that is our ultimate assignment.

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