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Strangled by the ROD - BY C.S. WHITE

Strangled by the ROD

A casual gamer I may be, but my heart nearly stopped when I turned on my XBox 360 one night after I got all comfy and cozy to play in a Table Tennis tournament…Instead of the familiar XBox 360 logo and sound, I was greeted by a visual and audio void…just flashing red lights emitting from around the power button. I knew it had to be bad. After a few minutes of research online and a subsequent troubleshooting session, I was able to determine that the Ring of Death had taken the life of my eight-month-old console.

Thank the stars above, the trouble shooting indicated that my hard drive was unscathed and intact. It doesn’t take away the loss, though. More than a few times since that awful night, I went into the den to play but only to be sadly reminded by the blank space on my entertainment center that there will be no gaming. The dead console packed up and shipped away to Microsoft the very next day, all and all I had about three weeks to wait for my refurbished unit. This time, I’ll buy the warranty!

Who would have thought this casual gamer’s lifestyle would become so cramped without her 360? I surely didn’t see it coming.

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