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Lost Hard Drive Doesn't Mean Lost Playlist - BY C.S. WHITE

Lost Hard Drive Doesn’t Mean Lost Playlist

It was a dark and stormy night when I lost my hard drive on my infant (about a year old) iBook G4. Well, it really wasn’t dark and stormy, but in that moment of discovery, it sure felt dark and stormy. Oh, and I didn’t lose my hard drive in one lightening bolt of a moment, either. It was a laborious process with a telltale sign: the audible-though-ever so faint grinding sound issuing forth from the laptop whenever I was using it, to name one. It was omen enough to get me in gear to back up all my stuff (but for the programs, which I wanted to replace anyway). However, disappointment resided deep in my heart that even Macs just can’t be trusted anymore to make it into toddler years without a break down!

Anyway, thanks to a lapse of interest of adding new music to my iPod, followed by a resurgence of a vigorous renewed interest, it wasn’t until long after (about 8 months!) I had my iBook up and running again — ever so quietly — that I realized my playlist was gone. It was a Scooby Doo “Er” moment. Happily, it eventually became an “Ah Ha” moment after I made some inquiries and a friend of mine versed in such things told me about Senuti, a free software program (if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to the girls behind the curtain) designed for problems like mine. A quick download let me load my iPod’s playlist back onto my iTunes. “Wah Lah.” It was a bright, sunshiny day. Or something like that! Enjoy.

(BTW: My 2nd Generation iPod is older than my G4 — perhaps, it’s of the Greatest Generation?).

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