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Paddle Boarding the New Smyrna Intercoastal - BY C.S. WHITE

Paddle Boarding the New Smyrna Intercoastal

Paddle Boarding and ManateesNo, I don’t think it Christ-like and I actually think the connotation a bit trite, but that happens to be the phrase often used by veterans when they allude to standup paddle boarding. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read correctly. It started out as the thang out on the west coast before finally making its way to the folks and sunny waters of Florida. My introduction came a bit earlier than for most Floridians thanks to working at a magazine publishing company rooted in watersports magazines.  I embraced it fully, purchasing a board a few years ago. Thank you board. On this particular weekend,  I spent time on the water both days. Saturday found me on a nearby lake just after 7 a.m. and before the skiers and wakeboarders took to the waters. It was peaceful. The water, glass. A great way to come into the day, to be sure. Sunday I headed over to New Smyrna’s inter-coastal waterway, about an hour’s drive from my front door, and, after taking the easy route down current, paddled my way back through strong currents and winds, getting a core workout. All the while dolphins cavorting nearby, including the local regular, Split Fin. I even got up close and personal with several manatees. And my friend who was kayaking got real close and personal with the curious creatures. Too cool. And the coolness continues, with regular outings.

Paddle Boarding  on Intercoastal Waters of New Smyrna

Bored With the Board?

Maybe I’ll get bored with SUP sooner than later, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be later, if at all. I love being near or on the water (fairweather, of course), it’s an activity that has great portability with little fuss, I can do it on my own but can easily join others who kayak or SUP, and it’s a great low-impact exercise, so boredom will not come easy. And I shan’t forget to mention the zen-like effect it can have on one’s psyche (at least mine anyway), or I would be remiss in mentioning a key attraction to this ancient form of mobility. I’m finding it the perfect yang to the ying of publishing’s deadline stress. Or is it the the ying to the yang? Ohmmm…

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